I had a phone reading I wanted to inquire about her services Carol

said that it would all work out and he loves me but his ex-girlfriend was trying to get back together with him so I decided I asked to receive Carol’s help within two weeks we move back in our home together in like a fairytale we have been back together and the happiest we have ever been thank you Carol Lynn    

Tonga woe

from where we started to where Im at in my life now omg. I never seen this coming. but she did and she was adamant that I listen to what she was telling me. iv learned that its ok to love someone as much as I do I just did not no how to share my life are my love  she has made me  real again thanks

Kellie Mathis‏

she blew me away! I've had a psychic reading before at a different place years ago and wanted to try a new reader and she did not disappoint! I did an hour tarot card reading and not even a few minutes into the reading I had grabbed a Kleenex because she was freaking me out (in a good way).

I could sense that she really cared about what I was going through and I felt so much better spiritually afterwards from asking the questions I had and hearing her very thorough insight. I wasn't as prepared as I thought I should be in regards to asking questions so next time I go to see her, I will make sure to have questions in advance (I asked good questions on the spot but afterwards I kicked myself because I knew there were others I forgot about 

Overall I was really pleased with the experience and everyone I've told about my reading were super surprised because they know me to a tee and for a psychic who knows nothing about me to tell me the things she did showed them that she is the real deal!

i highly recommend getting a reading from Carol she will not disappoint and I already look forward to my next reading                Jacob Saunders Plano t

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